Tackling 3D Printing


There is something really special about creating an object digitally and then having it show up on your doorstep. Jekyll Works recently experienced this magic by designing and 3D printing custom bracelets for a couple of our fashion clients. We are always seeking out innovative processes and techniques that allow us to push ourselves creatively while at the same time expanding our toolbox.

A little primer for those of you who may not know: 3D printing is the process of making three dimensional solid objects from a computer generated 3D model. Typically, the printer uses a type of additive process by laying down successive layers of material until your object is complete. The 3D printing world while still fairly young, has really been growing in leaps and bounds. With modern online 3D printing services, it’s easy to upload a 3D model and have a prototype in hand quickly without the investment in the printers and the time it takes to learn to use them. You can focus on design.

As our first foray into the 3D printing world, we felt that a simple design would minimize print problems and help us focus on our clients style and brand. We began by looking at the various 3D printing services out there and what materials they offered. We ended up deciding to go with a plastic material through Sculpteo, because it’s strong, flexible and affordable for our prototype. Having sketched out a couple designs, we jumped into modeling our sketches in 3D. Once we got these 3D sketches to a point where we liked them, we then uploaded the files to Sculpteo to be checked for printability. After passing the initial printability check, we finalized the 3D bracelet files and uploaded them. Fast forward a week later and voilá, our bracelet designs were in our hands.