Jekyll Works | ISS Mural – KSC Vistor Complex
Jekyll Works has been creating brand oriented multi media content for a little more than ten years. We started off in the world of paper and print but have acquired a diverse set of skills over the course of our careers. It’s our mission to explore all things creative, with this as our guide we get to enjoy doing a little bit of everything. At our core it’s about building an honest creative relationship with our clients. We feel this produces the best work possible.
Photo Retouching, Illustration, 3d Modeling, Animation, Logo Design, Video, Panoramas, HTML5, JQuery, CSS, Vectors, Motion Tracking, Camera Mapping, Compositing, Typography, Aerial Photography, Motion Graphics, Identity, Catalogs, Brochures, Promotional, Large Format
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ISS Mural – KSC Vistor Complex

Design, Print
About This Project

International Space Station Mural

Jekyll Works was contacted by CSI Signs, to make a wall mural for the theater at the Kennedy Space Center Visitors Complex. First Jekyll Works received a 3d model of the ISS which had to be cleaned up and prepped for such a large render. Next we spent some time to find the right camera angle. The biggest issue with the render was the sheer size. To accomplish this we split the image up into 110 smaller tiles then stitched them back together in post. The final full resolution render was sent to the printer and printed on exterior thermal vinyl to stand up to the harsh Florida sun. This was all accomplished in 4 days.